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18 year old about to start college looking for CC good for flying

I am going to start college and August and would like to build a credit score. I am working so I have a flow of income. I will be making loans for college and do not plan on paying for college with a credit card. I have about 1.5 years worth of money for tuition, room and board, books, and estimated expenses saved up. Could I pay those bills with a credit card and then just pay them off immediately? Since that is over $ 20,000 would that give me a lot of points? I am thinking about the Amex Platinum. I also looked at the Spirit credit card. I don't mind flying Spirit and my home airport is ORD. I don't care much for hotel bonuses because I typically stay at cheap under $ 100 a night hotels. Tell me if I am wrong but between $ 500-$ 100 the less you pay for hotels the more you get. If you spend $ 500 at a Ritz Carlton you will not get the free wifi, parking, and breakfast that the $ 70 quality inn will give you. I have also stayed at numerous Hyatt Place's and have had great experiences. I want a credit card to help me fly cheaper. I will pay my bill in full each month.

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