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50,000 points Maryland Terps or Illinois card

Two seemingly identical cards offered by "CU Campus Card Services" which seems to serve the Universities of Illinois and Maryland:

50,000 points for spending $ 5000 in 90 days. Also, current cardholders (which may include new cardholders?) earn:
2500 for spending $ 2500-4999, 5000 for $ 5000-9999, and 30,000 for $ 10,000 by December 31 (which is less than 90 days from now).

Earns 1 point / $ spent or 10 points / $ at UMD. Not worth using after the bonus unless you have tuition to pay.

The application (at least for UMD) asks for a promo code. Nobody is sure what the correct answer is, but the form wants the code to be formatted like a date and appears to accept any date.

According to https://www.doctorofcredit.com/terps...comment-646993 , points seem to be worth 1-1.1 cents for flights. Or less than than for a visa gift card.

h/t Doctor of Credit: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/terps...sign-up-bonus/

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