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Accept Checks In Any Sales Environment

Accept Checks Detroit MI

Grow Your Revenue By Offering Additional Payment Methods

Electronic check processing is an essential part of many businesses today. Offering customers as many payment methods as possible can greatly increase revenue. Electronic checks can also cut down on chargebacks and customer disputes.Increase customer satisfaction and grow your revenue by accepting check and ACH transactions at your business. Reporting features give a transaction snapshot or a more detailed overview of processing history. Increase your sales opportunities by accepting checks in-person, online or by mail and save time, money, and skip those trips to the bank to make deposits.


Merchants are no longer required to go to the banks to deposit checks thanks to electronic check processing. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network of electronic financial transactions facilitates this process, with a measure of rules regarding what kinds of checks may be accepted electronicallyContact us Today to Get Started at (248) 636-3777!

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