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Advice on next cards

I'm not a heavy churner, but I'm down to 3/24 right now and will be 0/24 by August so I thought it might be time to start applying for a few cards again. Any advice as to the best cards to get? I just applied for the Ink Cash, but as that won't affect my 3/24 I still have slots.

To start... What's in my wallet: I have the CSR, Citi Prestige, Citi Preferred (PC'ing when the AF comes up), Capital One Quicksilver, Discover More, and IHG Select.
Additional key information - I don't live in the US. So cards with FTF or bonus categories restricted to US locations are not appealing at this time.

As I said earlier, I applied for the Ink Cash yesterday. Another card I would like to apply for is the IHG Premier. I'm also debating the value of getting either the Hilton Surpass or the Hyatt cards although I don't have any immediate travel plans to take advantage of either. I typically do 4th night free stays through the Prestige. Other than that, I also typically spend a few scattered nights a year in Hong Kong (which is where the Hyatt card might have some value for the Cat 4 Hyatt in TST). I also really want the Ink Preferred, but I can't get to a Chase Branch to speak to a BRM for the 100k points.

Anyone have a good roadmap recommendation for me to build up some points since I'll be a clean slate soon?

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