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Auf Wiedersehen, Deutsche Bank

For roughly 20 years I have had a checking account at Deutsche Bank. I never kept much money in it (around 2000 Euros) but it was very convenient for two reasons:

1. There was no Forex charge on my Gold MasterCard in the Euro Zone.
2. It had a very good travel insurance policy, which included health care in any country except Israel (because I live there) and Germany (presumably because most of its clients live there).

There were some downsides. It was not cheap. I paid about 120 Euros per year for it and it charged a hefty Forex fee anywhere outside of the Euro Zone.

When my BoA Signature Visa stopped charging Forex anywhere in the world, and my HHonors Amex did the same thing, I really did not need the DB card anymore. I kept thinking about canceling the account but never got around to it. Then, a couple of months ago, DB started offering its own Travel Master Card. The annual fee was a bit higher but there were no Forex charges anywhere and the new card would cover me in trips to Germany. I decided to get it, sent in my application, and was refused. No reason was given. That was the straw which broke the camel's back and as of now I have canceled the account and will stick with my Israeli and American charge cards.

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