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Barclay vs. COV vs. Chase preferred? Trip to Thailand?

Hi, everyone. This my first post on this forum and I was hoping to get some advice on which credit card would be best in my situation.

My husband and I want to take a trip within the next year or 2 to Thailand. We don't travel too frequently, but will usually try to plan something every couple years or so, either domestically or internationally. These are some of the cards I've heard about and what I think of them.

- The Barclaycard Arrival+ is really appealing, but I was reading in an article that said that this one is good if you would like to travel internationally (which we do), and if you would spend at least $ 30,000 on it (which we would not do). Also, I love the 2x points on all purchases because the main thing we spend money on are monthly payments like car insurance, health insurance and the occasional clothing/Amazon item. And for this card, I like that we can purchase flights on any website.

- The Chase Preferred looks appealing as well, especially taking into account that my husband has the freedom unlimited and I've heard good things about pairing the two. However, I have heard that the Chase portal must be used to purchase and book flights and their prices are typically higher than what you can find on other websites. This was a huge turnoff for me.

- Then I found the Capital One Venture card. I like its lower annual fee, and that it still does 2x points on everything. However, that same article only suggested this one if you are travelling domestically. The big turnoff for me for this one was that they pull credit reports from all three bureaus. I really don't like that.

So like I said, we are not huge spenders, but would like to rack up points while we can on things we have to pay anyway and it could really help us out on our trip to Thailand.

I do also care about the initial bonus miles if you spend "so and so" amount of money, but all three seem to be fairly similar, except for the COV which I think it's just a little less bonus than the other two.

If you have any other suggestions of cards, or any other questions I need to answer for you to help me best, please let me know. :):)

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