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Best rewards card for a trip to New York in May 2018

Hey all! New to the forums, but looking for some advice along with reasons for your suggestions.

In May 2018, our family is going to be taking a week-long trip to New York City. We are anticipating the trip to be rather expensive, so we're looking for the best option to offset some of the cost with a rewards credit card we can use until the trip to maximize our savings and benefits.

Currently, we spend an average of $ 700-$ 1,000 monthly on a different card (Capital One with 1.5% cash back on all purchases) and expect our spending to remain the same for the next year. In addition, I can transfer some/most of our monthly bills that we autopay through our checking account to a new card. I don't have a specific list together of the bills, but I estimate it will be an additional $ 500 or so each month we could put on the card. I'm not sure if those payments would count for earning rewards, but wanted to let you know of that option.

Our credit score is quite good (740+), so which new card would offer the best sign-up rewards and year-long rewards to best help with the trip.

I'll be glad to provide any pertinent details that will help with your suggestions and I look forward to hearing what you recommend and why.


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