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Fall Into These Good Credit Habits

Good habits are the foundation of a stable life. Little things like exercise, hygiene, meditation and reading can have a tremendous impact if done consistently. It’s about taking a holistic approach to improving and maintaining yourself day in and day out.  The same holds true for your finances. By forming […]

The credit information that lenders have

I read that “Apple allows you to download all the data it keeps about you, your purchases, and how you interact with Apple services.” https://www.businessinsider.com/appl…how-to-2018-11 And it occured to me to think about which data the issuers of your credit cards may see when regularly soft pulling your credit. FlyerTalk […]

10 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Decorations

If you live a frugal lifestyle, holidays can test your commitment to thriftiness. It feels silly to spend money on decor, tableware and lawn ornaments that only come out for a few weeks a year. But that’s the point of a holiday – spending time and energy to celebrate a […]

Any cards offer insurance that would cover missing connection on separate PNR?

Flying MSP-LGA-EWR (yes, I know)-HKG-CEB and then need to catch another flight to an island in the Philippines. Nervous about booking a low-cost ph ticket now because it will definitely be on another PNR and I would put the chances of missing one leg (and thus boning our entire iten) […]

Validating credit card payment method

When you add a payment method to your credit card account, how does the bank of your checking account know that it was you who requested it? When you set up an ACH transfer, there is usually a test deposit in place of two small amounts that you have to […]

The Scariest Things to Happen to Your Budget

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a scary movie. The main character leads a fairly normal life with a stable job, an affordable apartment and a partner to share expenses with. Things are going well. Then one day, they try to make a deposit at the bank – and […]

Requesting Credit Increase – When?

Hi, I hope this isn’t too off-topic… I’m hoping to increase my credit limit on one of my points earning cards. For one card in particular, I’ve been paying it off 3-6 times each month. Sometimes, I’m charging 4x my credit limit in a month. It is always paid in […]

How to Save Money in Just 6 Simple Steps


You probably already know you need to save more money — but where do you start? The thought of stockpiling away funds isn’t glamorous, but learning some simple tricks for how to save money as early as possible will be beneficial in the long run by establishing good habits. And […]

5 Top Habits to Help You Stress Less About Your Finances

If your finances are a constant source of stress and anxiety, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, 40 percent of American adults say they would have a tough time covering an unexpected expense of $ 400 or more, according to the Federal Reserve’s Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. […]

How to Set Yourself Up for Success During the Holidays

What’s in store for your credit this holiday shopping season?  Holiday shopping season is upon us. Whether you’re looking for a good deal on something you’ve wanted for a while or finalizing a list of gifts, there’s one thing you may not be paying enough attention to: your credit. Fortunately, […]

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