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Credit Card Recommendations to Replace Amex Platinum

I have new job where I don’t travel and where I have much less time for personal travel than before. My biggest expense is food. I travel internationally for vacation twice a year usually business or first class and then domestically maybe 5 or 6 times a year mostly coach. […]

Here’s What Car Accidents Really Cost You

Car accidents are not only scary but also a monumental hassle. That’s largely thanks to what comes after the accident itself.   After an accident, you’ll likely have to spend ample time on the phone with your insurer. Then there’s dealing with the auto shop and rental car agency. There’s also […]

WTFinance is Credit Card Pre-Qualification?

When it comes to shopping for credit cards, while pre-qualified or pre-approved sound very similar, they’re quite different things. In this post we’ll give you the low down on what pre-qualification means, particularly when it comes to financing, its top benefits, how it impacts your credit, and how to go […]

PenFed Defender – 100$ Travel Credit

Has anyone been able to get the 100$ Travel Credit automatically? I have had to call in and remind the CS about the benefit then escalate the credit request to another department for two+ weeks. The inflight purchases have been made on American and United domestic flights. FlyerTalk Forums – […]

Can parent living in same household not working get credit card

Hi Seniors, Can a parent living in same household get a credit card if they are not working or getting any kinda assistance. Basically, the parent is my dependent. I have read somewhere that non-working wives can claim household income as their own and apply for credit card. Can the […]

Any Experience with Product Changes – Capital One?

So I have the Cap 1 Quicksilver for 10 years – it’s considered my oldest so I have to keep it. I wanted to product change to the Cap 1 Venture (fee waived first year – it doesn’t say to new accounts) -) use the $ 100 global entry – […]

How to Kick-Start Your Retirement Fund in the New Year

Buried underneath paying bills, digging out of a debt hole, and saving for your kids’ college is the marathon of money goals: retirement. Cue the fantasies of spending your days at a leisurely pace, working on The Great American Novel—at long last—or cavorting around North America in a decked-out RV. […]

Need a New Year Reset? Try a No Spend Month

A few months back I logged into Mint and got a real shock. A $ 700 grocery spend for the month for my two-person, two-cat household. I needed a major money reset. Over the past couple of years, I’ve moved from needing a strict budget to make ends meet, to […]

5 Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you make a mistake in daily life, you usually have the opportunity to immediately make things right. If you spill soda on the floor, you can mop it up. If you burn the chicken you’re roasting for dinner, you can order takeout. In the grand scheme of things, most […]

Which Credit Card for light travel with EVA

Hello, I am totally new to the travel credit card game, so if this inquiry is best answered somewhere else, I would be glad to read. I just couldn’t find the best answer elsewhere. And these are all my thoughts… We are light travelers and have young kids right now, […]

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