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Card for Cali -> Japan / China travel

Hi all,

I'm in 20s, athletic, and like to travel alone.

I live near San Francisco and plan to travel between here and Japan quite often in the coming years, perhaps 3-4 times a year.
Also, I may be going to China 3-4 times a year as well (not sure yet, depends on work).

Do you have any recommendations for a good credit card to earn points/miles?
I want something simple that lets me earn without too much headache.
My favorite airlines are ANA and JAL (and I may use them for domestic travel within Japan when I visit).

Also, my style is to spend $ 100-$ 200 more for a better flight (e.g. better airline) and also I don't care about airline lounges at the airport. I bring my own food onto the flight. Nonstops may be OK, but if I have time I also might sometimes do layovers, e.g. in Hawaii, to cut the total time I have to be in an airplane nonstop, so that I can eat at a good restaurant and stretch out.


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