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Mynt Point of Sale Software Demo

Video Transcript

hey this is Philip with mint POS and in this video I’m going to give you a quick demo of the mint software for this demo I have mint set up for a small table service restaurant but mint also works great for quick service and even retail businesses when mint first opens we will see this login screen to get started I’m just going to go ahead and log in with the manager account with mint each of your employees can be set up with accounts which allows you to track their sales and can control what they do in the system once we are logged into the system it is going to take us straight to this main sail screen from here we can access reports create orders complete sales and access all the other features of the mint software the first thing I’m going to show you is putting in an order to get started we need to select the table that the order is for to do that I’ll simply select the section of the restaurant that the table is in and mint will show me a custom map of that section now I’ll select the table that I want to use for the order now we are taken back to the sales screen ready to enter the order I’ll just tap on a couple of drinks to add them over here on the right side I will see a preview of everything that has been added to the order so far if I want to add some additional items I can tap on the pasta department to see all the pasta that is on my menu when I select one of these pasta dishes I’ll be prompted to add either soup or salad I can choose one or both of these options and mint will add an upcharge according to what I select for other items we can provide a list of options with limits to the selections so on this steak for example we are prompted for a cooking temperature and a side item we are limited to only choosing one cook temp and one side item once we have the order in we can simply tap a button and that will save the order to the table and fire it back to the kitchen each menu item in mint can be configured to route to a particular printer so for this order the steak and pasta will go back to the kitchen and the drinks would go to the bar now that the order has been placed mint is ready for me to place the next order if we just start tapping on items without selecting a table that will allow us create an order that is not attached to a table it’s perfect for to go or phone in orders because we did not select a table for this order when we fire it to the kitchen it will prompt us for a name whatever we enter for the name will print on the kitchen ticket and show on our list of saved tickets on the POS if we want to bring up one of these orders that we just created we’ll simply tap on the section where the check was saved and then tap on the table that we saved it to once we have the table selected we will get a preview of what has been ordered who placed the order and the total bill we also have a couple of options of things we can do with this order we can move this order to another table print a copy of the check to present to the customer open it up to add items or take payment I’m going to go ahead and load this check so that we can process the payment from here we can tap on the payment button to go to the payment screen and close out this check on the payment screen we can apply discounts split the check or choose how the payment will be made for this check I’m going to take twenty-five dollars in cash and then charge the rest to a card a quicker way to close a check is to use the fast tender button I’m going to open Bob’s check from earlier and close it with a single tap that’s the basic process for completing a sale in mint now let’s take a quick look at some of the reports there are about 25 different reports in mint they can all be viewed right here on the system and also export it to excel or PDF if I’d like to go look at a report I’ll just tap the reports button up here at the top and then I’ll go to the item sales report this report is going to show me all the items I have sold so far this month if I would like to look at a different time frame I can simply change the time I am looking at this report like all the reports in mint can look at a single month a single day a year or a custom date range if we want to look at this report but only see the items from a single department I can simply filter by the one that I choose if I want to save this report I can just tap up here on the print button and I can either print the report save it to an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF this has just been a quick look at a couple of the features we have to offer mint can also track inventory generate purchase orders track customers and lots more if you have any other additional questions about mint give us a call at 20 28 10 2000 at mint POS com

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