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Cannabis Credit Card Processing

cannabis credit card processing Detroit MI


For our MMJ/RMJ merchants, we have POB available for US dispensaries. If you take sales via Internet, we can offer check processing. Check processing can integrate into the merchant’s website checkout page.


The customer will simply input their checking account information instead of debit/credit card information.


For CBD Oil merchants, we have check processing and an offshore option for debit/credit cards.


POB (Point of Banking)


POB for US dispensaries only:


No set up fee, No contract, lowest processing fees guaranteed.


How does it work?


  • Your patient orders their medicine from your window or counter
  • You swipe their debit or credit card through the credit card terminal
  • You enter the amount to be charged or donated for the medicine
  • The patient enters their PIN number for their debit card (or credit card, if you know their PIN)
  • The patient accepts the $3.50 fee
  • The patient receives their medicine
  • You receive the funds electronically into your bank account within 24-48 hours


***As long as recreational marijuana is legal in your state, this solution will work for these merchants as well.


marijuana banking solutions Detroit MI


Monthly Fees: ?/month per terminal


Merchants get set up after approval and emailed login directly to email listed on application.


7-10 days for equipment deployment.


POB INSTRUCTIONS is what every box contains along with the terminal manual. Units are plug and play, and all you have to do is plug in power and Ethernet cable.


In some cases, you may have firewall and or port that need to allow access out of the network. This must be done on client’s end as our support cannot support firewalls and or internet services.


The only supporting document needed is a voided check (can be a personal check).


Cost to the merchant is the surcharge plus the monthly fee of ?/terminal (if applicable).



The merchant will need to complete the Free Terminal Placement Form unless you have your own Vx510 to reprogram.



Check Processing


We have been informed that our check processing solution will accept CBD oil, kratom, drug paraphernalia, and cannabis merchants among almost all other industries. There is no specific prohibited list other than anything illegal or abusive. Please see additional notes below.



For high risk merchants


  • Yes, we can provide service to Canadian merchants with US bank accounts.


  • Only submit deposits into US Business Checking accounts.


  • For recurring, checks will have to be deposited into merchants Business Account (cannot use personal account).


  • Our proprietary API software is compatible with virtually everything.


  • The bank’s system can process Canadian checks, this just needs to be requested for the account.


  • No, we do not charge for API integration. When a merchant needs API integration, we provide a password and a PDF walkthrough to the merchant’s programmer.


  • All merchants have the ability to request Phone Verification per transaction and the cost is $2.00.


  • All tech support merchants will now be placed on a pre-paid account.  This means that the merchant must prepay their account via ACH, wire transfer, or Western Union and must keep a positive balance in their account to avoid being shut down.


  • On a case by case basis, some other industry types and merchants may be placed on a pre-paid account.  Web Development and start ups are most likely to be subject to this.


  • REGARDING TECH SUPPORT AND THE BANK: We no longer accept Bank of America or Wells Fargo for tech support companies. This is not a ban for all industries; these two banks started shutting down the tech support companies we were processing for.




  • Below is the canned reply we send out to the majority of these tech support companies. “Effective April 2016 We will no longer process E-check deposits to Bank of America or Wells Fargo for Tech Support companies. Both banks are rejecting nearly all of the Tech Support deposits we send to them, but allowing nearly everything else to process without question.”  If you are in India we highly recommend you look for the following banks and follow these instructions: Bank of India, State Bank of India or “SBI”, Bank of Baroda, Export-Import Bank of India.



  • Federal Law will not allow a single e-check transaction above $25k at this time.


*Funding can be same day with certain banks and next day funding for all other banks.




Check Processing Application Information:


  • Legal Business Name
  • Company Start Date
  • Business Type (LLC, Corp, ect.)
  • Incorporated State
  • Federal Tax ID
  • URL
  • Industry
  • Estimated Monthly Volume
  • Estimated Low Check Amount
  • Estimated High Check Amount
  • Company Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Owner’s Name and Title
  • Owner’s Phone Number
  • Owner’s Email Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Merchant’s Bank Name
  • Bank Routing and Account Numbers
  • Physical Address of the bank where the account was opened
  • Name on merchant’s credit/debit card
  • Billing address for credit/debit card


Supporting Documents


  • Voided Check
  • Photo ID
  • Front and back color copy of merchant’s credit/debit card (back of card must be signed)
  • Wet signature on signature card


Additional Information:



The bank charges the merchant’s debit/credit card for billing fees associated with the account. The voided check is for deposits. The merchant will also need to make sure there is money in the pre-pay account to cover the monthly fees each month to prevent any delays in receiving their funds.


The merchant’s card will only be charged for the fees associated with the check processing account. The initial fees will be a $150 fully refundable deposit plus the $49 start-up fee. The card will then be charged $10 per month.



The bank will not accept merchants requesting less than $50,000 in monthly volume.

dispensary credit card processing Detroit MI


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