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I moved to Canada, how should I deal with my US credit cards?

Hi all,

I am currently at a very weird status. I would like to get some advice.

I was a foreign student in US and I got a social when I got an intern then, which was like five years ago. I applied for several credit cards and stayed in good records from then.
Recently, I moved to Canada as I got a job here. I brought several cards (SPG and CSR basically) which have no foreign transaction fees here and use them now. I decided to stick to them as they have better rewards than any Canadian cards.

I was wondering if I should report my move to banks and update my billing address and job titles. It seems risky as banks have reason to believe that a foreign person live abroad is dangerous and withdraw all my cards. I set my address to a friend of mine and he will deal with everything for me. But I feel unsettle as all my transactions occur in Canada and I am afraid it could trigger some checks from banks.

I plan to go back to US several years later but should I do anything now?

I hope somebody could share their similar experience and how they dealed with it.

Many thanks.

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