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New credit card for going back to school?

I'm going back to school in the fall. I haven't decided on exactly which program yet, but whichever one I choose will increase the amount I travel a fair amount. I will be flying within the U.S. for classes on average once every three weeks or so, plus four or five international trips to different destinations. I'm based in NYC, so will want to fly out of either JFK or LGA. In addition to the flights, I'll also likely need to rent a car regularly and stay in hotels (although I will not have discretion in which hotels I stay in). The international trips I will not know the exact destinations in advance, but they will all be on different continents. Additionally, they advise you to buy refundable tickets, as exact details can change at the last minute.

So before I start with all this increased travel spending, I want to do a review and see if there's perhaps a better credit card for me. Right now I have a CSP, it's come in handy for me in getting much better car rentals rates in NYC than I'd otherwise get, but other than that it's hard for me to get max value out of it since (at least so far) I don't have much need to do business with any of the CSP partners. Domestically I greatly prefer flying JetBlue or other non-legacy carriers, and particularly try to avoid United. That doesn't mean I have to stick with that preference if there are much better options to maximize my travel dollars, but if I can manage to do almost as well while sticking to JetBlue that would be great. I don't care about flying first class or having access to airport lounges.

So with that background, any suggestions on cards I should consider? I've typically only had one credit card at a time that I use for everything.

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