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New to this points thing. Have question!

Hey guys,
So my wife and I are relatively new to this points thing. Having just had a baby and now actually making good money its always been on the backburner. Now I have a few questions as I have just hung around in this forum and read a bunch of things but still have a few questions. We have a chase preferred card that we have been using and like especially for dining. We just applied and got the amex platinum card. My dad has always had one and I love the fact you can use lounges everywhere you go practically plus it had a 60,000 sign on bonus. . Also like the luxury status you get at hotels and car rental etc... My wife and I dont travel much but when we do we like to travel nice so it is a nice perk to have. Now however I kind of feel regret as I think the saphirre reserve has better points system than platinum, or is it just a glorified preffered card that costs $ 450 a year?

1. Many people say to just pair CSP with the platinum. I never understood this concept as this gets you points in two different companies, you would not be able to combine them so I am not sure how that is beneficial. Anything I am missing here?

2. Would it be better to get the amex preffered everyday as it is basically 4.5x supermarket, 3x gas and 1.5 everything else (we do more than 30 transactions a month) which sounds really good and I could pair it with Platinum 5x on flights.

Kind of lost on what to do

Thank you everyone!

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