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Points/miles card with 0% FT fee and no annual fee

With great surprise I discovered that Chase Ink Cash charges 3% of foreign transactions... I needed to read fine print before switching from Ink plus.

Here is the situation - I need a no annual fee and 0% FT fee card because 99% of the card usage will be with foreign transactions. 80% for that transactions will be either gas or hotel/airline/utilities spend. Total amount of spend per year - no more than $ 3000.

I also need to be able to issue at least two more cards for my family members -
each card should have its own number so I can see spend per card/account separately.

Any suggestions about a card(s) fulfilling above requirements? Chase Business Ink is the one but it $ 95/year and I switched from Ink Plus previously due to annual fee.

P.S. Card has to be either MasterCard (preferable, due to lower add-on on top of the interbank exchange rate) or VISA. No amex due to almost non-acceptance at the target geography.

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