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Question for Friend: Best Card for Non-Travelers

Yes, I searched, and didn't come up with anything.

Yes, I know this website is called "flyertalk" and is mostly focused on people who like free travel.

All that said, perhaps you can help me out. I have a friend at work who I was telling about my credit card points game obsession and she wondered what the best card would be for her and her husband, who really don't like to travel (they have small kids, he's sort of agoraphobic, etc.).

I was thinking something like the Discover Double Cash card because it's a 2% no-muss, no-fuss kind of card. She's currently using a citi card for her daily spend and typically redeems for gift cards, which I know is a pretty low ROI. I'm sure they can do better.

So, appreciate your thoughts on the best card for non-travelers. Thanks!

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