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RBC Avion or Aeroplan: Consolidation via Esso Extra

I am Canadian moving to North Carolina permanently. I have 80,000 RBC Avion points with Canadian RBC bank no expiry. I have 94,000 Aeroplan points expiry May 2019. I have an Esso Extra account with 2,200 pts. I was planning on consolidating my points on Points.com via Esso Extra.
Questions: 1) Aeroplan affiliation with Esso Extra ends May 31 2018 so does this also mean transferring points via Esso Extra also ends May 31.
2) Living in the US which points program has better bang for the buck? I understand travel is always the best use of points for my two programs, but as a US resident my travel options will be more limited.
3) If I consolidate is Esso Extra on Points.com the best way to do it. Any tips, tricks, hiccups?
4) I was not planning on traveling by flight for at least the next 6 months.
5) RBC US based credit card - I will be opening a US based bank account & credit card but I am not allowed to transfer RBC Rewards from Canada to US (you are able to transfer from US card to Canadian card but not Canada to US)
6) Aeroplan losing Star Alliance airlines in 2020 so will be impossible to book flights from US.
7) I don't need any stuff from Best Buy with RBC Rewards, but if it were best to consolidate on RBC Rewards I suppose I could come up with something to purchase.

Thank you in advance for your expert advise. I am a real beginner when it comes to points.

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