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Travel card for high spend from business

I'm helping out someone in my family that's looking for a new credit card to use for business spending. They have their own business and have roughly 150k in spend for that they are able to put on a CC. Not trying to get overly complicated with multiple cards that have $ 400+ AFs, but if there's a combo of a couple cards where they can hit the spending thresholds that could work. I was thinking we'd do better off with cards that have bonus thresholds where you hit a certain level of spend (similar to the Delta Amex that has big bonuses at 25k and 50k in spend), not necessarily the cards that are the best for frequent travel throughout the year (lounge access, uber credits, etc.)

They fly mainly Delta being based out of MSP, but I was thinking one of the non affiliated Amex's might be a good option and I usually see good reviews of MR points on here being transferable to many programs at a good rate. The US Bank Altitude card looked interesting with 3x points on travel (but then again, they want travel benefits and the majority of that 150k business spend isn't necessarily on travel so maybe that's not the best card). I know the Chase Sapphire usually gets rated pretty high, but I'm not sure what the high spend benefits are on that.

I confess to not knowing a ton of details on the CC game, so I'm turning to the FT community to help me out. I'm sure I've left off certain information that would be helpful for you guys to know so just let me know what else would be useful for people to make good recommendations.

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