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United Mileage Plus CC PQM Bonus

I tried to look back through the year in case this had been asked, but I didn't see it--has anyone had any success appealing to UA on their PQM bonus on the old Mileage Plus Credit Card? I have the one before the Explorer that gives 10k bonus PQM if you spend $ 25,000 in a calendar year, and I just found out they decided to cancel it, and they're only giving even a prorated amount if you hit a certain threshold by May. Naturally I didn't but am on pace to hit $ 25,000 this year, but before I called UA to press them on it, I thought I'd ask the wise grizzled vets here. And yes, I contacted Chase, and they told me it was UA's decision and they had nothing to do with it.

Thanks for any help/advice!

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