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Wells Fargo secured Visa Card LDW cover

first of all, this Forum is really great, where everything is covered an international traveler needs to know!
I travel often to the US and always rent a car there (Hertz-I am happy with them and I stay with them.)
But I always struggle with the high cost of LDW insurance.
I came across the new Wells Fargo secured Visa Credit Card which is also available for non-residents.
(It is not easy to get it, but I guess, I will qualify since I am a long time customer of Wells Fargo)
The main reason why I wanted to get this card, it offers LDW cover even for non-US Residents.
I have the AMEX card which offers the same cover, but it is very clearly written in their terms and conditions, the renter must be a US Citizen or Permanent Residents. Well, I do not qualify for either.
Has anybody experience with the LDW cover Visa offers?

thank you for any information in advance.

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