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Which Credit Card for light travel with EVA

Hello, I am totally new to the travel credit card game, so if this inquiry is best answered somewhere else, I would be glad to read. I just couldn't find the best answer elsewhere. And these are all my thoughts...

We are light travelers and have young kids right now, but would like to start saving points to redeem for EVA flights from ORD to TPE (going about every 2-3 years, perhaps). We may occasionally take a domestic flight, like once every year or two (we are in USA). What would be the best card for this purpose? I've kind of narrowed it down to Chase Sapphire Preferred and Capital One Venture (and maybe Citi Premier).

With CSP, I would use United to book an EVA flight. I can also earn MileagePlus miles, which can also be earned and redeemed other ways. So it seems I might be able to also keep these better since it's local to USA?

Or, with Capital One, I would book an EVA flight with Aeroplan or Lifemiles. I get more points by the 2x everyday purchases, but not have another way to earn extra miles. Also, I couldn't get many domestic reward flights. I will be booking a week-long Marriott hotel stay for work and could get 10x points on that hotel stay. This would get me more points this year. However, I noticed that it is about a $ 300 difference to book through a reward site vs the hotel's site...and is this worth the extra cost? I would have to end up paying a little out of pocket based on my stipend

With Citi, I would book through Lifemiles.

I'm considering Capital One primarily because of the quick earnings with the long hotel stay this year, but hesitant because of the limited transfer partners in case we didnt use miles for EVA this year.
CSP sounds good because of the partnership with MileagePlus and earning other ways. But, not sure if we would have enough for a reward flight this year.
If I started with one card and then got another the next year, I don't quite get if I would be able to combine miles at any point. ..?

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!!

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